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  • thumb-Dr. Brian Moore
    Dr. Brian Moore CEO

    Dr Brian Moore is co-founder and CEO of Orreco. Brian has led global research into sports haematology since 2005 when he uncovered patterns in the haematology of elite athletes as part of his doctoral research at Brunel University, London. He has worked directly with multiple World and Olympic medalists, and numerous pro sports teams and athletes competing in MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA Tour, UEFA, America’s Cup Sailing and Formula1.

    An Applied Physiologist and expert in blood biomarker technologies, Brian has an international reputation for using sports science and data science to provide evidence-based actionable analytics to accelerate recovery, optimize performance and prolong the careers of elite athletes.

  • thumb-Dr. Andrew Hodgson
    Dr. Andrew Hodgson Clinical Director

    Dr Andrew Hodgson is co-founder and Clinical Director of Orreco. Andrew is Consultant Haematologist at Sligo University Hospital and provides clinical support where needed. He qualified from St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College London, and has been practicing medicine for over 20 years.

    Andrew lectures at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) and at Galway and Sligo University Hospitals. He is a Member of the Irish National Accreditation Board and has served as the National Specialty Director in Haematologist for the RCPI. He has also worked with the European Haematology Association as part of a EU funded group to improve haematology training across Europe.

  • thumb-Dr. Charles Pedlar, FBASES
    Dr. Charles Pedlar, FBASES Chief Scientific Advisor

    Dr Charles Pedlar is Orreco’s Chief Scientific Advisor and Sports Scientist. He recently returned to the UK from a visiting Research Associate position at Harvard Medical School. Charlie was awarded BASES Physiologist of the Year in 2014. He has worked directly with elite athletes across the world in professional and Olympic sports for over 16 years. He has held positions at both the British Olympic Association and the English Institute of Sport.

    Charlie holds a PhD from Brunel University, London, and is a Centre Director at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. He is a research leader on sleep, redox homeostasis, iron deficiency and athlete recovery strategies with over 40 peer-reviewed publications.

  • thumb-Dr. Nathan Lewis
    Dr. Nathan Lewis Clinical Performance Nutritionist

    Dr Nathan Lewis is Orreco’s Clinical Performance Nutritionist. He provides scientific analysis of blood biomarker data, devises biomarker protocols, and delivers personalized nutritional strategies that address injury prevention, wellness and recovery. He has worked with multiple Olympic medalists through four Olympic cycles at the English Institute of Sport and with numerous pro sport teams in the UK and USA including NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA Tour and UEFA.

    Nathan holds a PhD from the University of Surrey in Exercise Biochemistry and Physiology. He has published several peer-reviewed papers and is a leading authority on redox homeostasis, Vitamin D status and overtraining syndrome.

  • thumb-Dr. Andrew Barr
    Dr. Andrew Barr High Performance and Movement Specialist

    Dr Andrew Barr is a High Performance and Movement Specialist at Orreco. He is an established international leader in sports performance and injury risk reduction. He has a specific focus on the assessment and training of movement with over 20 years experience working with pro sport teams and elite athletes around the world.

    Andy has served as Director of Performance and Rehabilitation at the New York Knicks, Director of Medicine and Performance at New York City FC, and Head Physiotherapist at Manchester City FC. A former professional football player, he holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is the founder of Innovative Performance.

  • thumb-Dr. Ara Suppiah
    Dr. Ara Suppiah Sports Medicine Physician

    Dr Ara Suppiah is a Sports Medicine Physician and provides clinical support where needed. Trained in Sports Medicine and Emergency Medicine, he has spent more than 20 years practicing medicine and working with elite athletes around the world. A global leader in the field of High Performance Medicine, Ara was the official team physician for the 2016 USA Ryder Cup Team and is a highly sought after sports physician on the PGA and LPGA Tours. He is the pioneer and founder of Functional Sports Medicine. He is also the Chief Medical Analyst on NBC’s Golf Channel and a regular contributor to Golf Digest.

  • thumb-Dr. Georgie Bruinvels
    Dr. Georgie Bruinvels Sports and Exercise Physiologist & Research Scientist

    Georgie Bruinvels is a Sports and Exercise Physiologist and Research Scientist at Orreco. She manages Orreco’s redox homeostasis testing at client sites, analyses blood biomarker data, and leads the science behind our FitrWoman™ application. Georgie holds a PhD from University College London and has published widely on the female athlete, iron deficiency and the menstrual cycle.

    Prior to joining Orreco, she worked for 3 years with UK Anti-Doping. Georgie is also an elite endurance athlete. She has represented the British Athletics Team and won her first international marathon in 2015.

  • thumb-David Dunne
    David Dunne PhD Researcher, Performance Nutrition

    David Dunne is a Performance Nutritionist at Orreco with a track record in delivering useable, personalized nutrition programs that maximize health, training adaptation and performance. He has worked with multiple pro sport teams and elite athletes in the UK and USA. David holds a BSc in Nutrition and Sport Science from St Mary’s University, Twickenham, an IOC Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition, and is completing his PhD at Liverpool John Moores University.

  • thumb-Forrest Baker
    Forrest Baker PhD Researcher, Exercise Immunology

    Forrest Baker is a Research Scientist at Orreco. He manages the components of Orreco’s immunology testing and provides data analysis on biomarker indicators of immune function and wellbeing in elite athletes. Forrest holds a BSc in Kinesiology from Southwestern University and is currently a member of the NASA funded immunology team at the University of Houston where he is completing his PhD in Exercise Immunology.

  • thumb-Dr. Kenny McMillan
    Dr. Kenny McMillan Sports Scientist & Sports Data Consultant

    Dr Kenny McMillan is a Sports Scientist and Sports Data Consultant at Orreco. He guides our Data Science and Cognitive Computing divisions in the development of data-driven software solutions for pro sport teams. Kenny has over 17 years experience working in data management and analysis in pro football. He has served as Head of Football Physiology at Aspire Academy, Qatar, and Head of Sports Science at Newcastle United, Celtic, Aston Villa, and Al Ain Football Clubs.

    Kenny holds a PhD in Sports Physiology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, a PgDip in Football Business from the Johan Cryuff Institute, and a FA Fitness Trainers Award. He is an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Glasgow and co-author of the book ‘Fitness in Soccer: The Science and Practical Application’.

  • thumb-Dr. Richard Burden
    Dr. Richard Burden Sports Scientist

    Dr Richard Burden is a Sports Scientist at Orreco. He provides data analysis on biomarker indicators of training adaptation and recovery in elite athletes. Richard has worked directly with Team GB Olympic and Paralympic athletes for over six years. He is Senior Physiologist at the English Institute of Sport and Senior Lecturer at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. He holds a PhD from the University of Surrey, has published several peer-reviewed papers, and is a leading authority on iron depletion in elite athletes.

  • thumb-Dr. Andrew Simpkin
    Dr. Andrew Simpkin Senior Biostatistician, Data Science & Biostatistics

    Dr Andrew Simpkin is a Senior Biostatistician at Orreco working in partnership with the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. He builds predictive models for longitudinal athlete performance data to identify patterns and indicators of injury occurrence and optimal training load.

    Andrew holds a PhD in Statistics from NUI Galway and has ten years experience modelling longitudinal data. In 2014, he received a Medical Research Council Career Development Award in Biostatistics. He has published several peer-reviewed papers and is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Bristol.

  • thumb-Professor John Newell
    Professor John Newell Division Lead, Data Science & Biostatistics

    Professor John Newell is a world leader in Biostatistics in sport. Through our NUIG Insight partnership, he leads Orreco’s Data Science division who develop and apply computationally intensive statistical and machine learning methods to model injury occurrence and identify optimal training loads.

    John is a Professor of Biostatistics in NUI Galway and a Fulbright Scholar. He holds a PhD in Statistics from the University of Glasgow and was the founder and Head of the Biostatistics Unit in the HRB-Clinical Research Facility, NUI Galway. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers and co-authored ‘Statistics for Sports and Exercise Science: A Practical Approach’, the first book to be published on Biostatistics for Sports and Exercise Scientists.

  • thumb-Jaynal Abedin
    Jaynal Abedin PhD Researcher, Data Science & Biostatistics

    Jaynal Abedin is a PhD researcher in Statistics at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics and is affiliated with Orreco and NUI Galway. He develops computationally intensive statistical methods to model the likelihood of injury occurrence and identify optimal training load and recovery strategies.

    In 2012, Jaynal participated in an international data analysis competition to predict the team rankings in the UEFA Euro Cup. He was runner-up in the competition. Prior to working with Orreco, Jaynal was a statistician for five years at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh.

  • thumb-Dr. Gearóid Hynes
    Dr. Gearóid Hynes Head of Product

    Dr Gearóid Hynes is Head of Product at Orreco. He leads the design and delivery of Orreco’s software solutions. Gearóid holds a PhD in Computer Science from NUI Galway and has over six years commercial experience working in data science. Before joining Orreco, he managed the design, development and go to market of multiple analytics solutions for Hewlett Packard, including business intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning functionality.

    Gearóid is a leading expert in the translation of evidence-based research into innovative products and services that deliver actionable analytics. As part of this translation process he oversees Orreco Labs, ensuring pro sport teams and elite athletes can get early access to our world leading research in sports and data science.

  • thumb-Dr. Colm O'Riordan
    Dr. Colm O'Riordan Division Lead, Cognitive Computing

    Dr Colm O’Riordan is a research leader in computational intelligence and genetic algorithms. He advises Orreco’s Cognitive Computing division, including our IBM Watson team, in the research and development of information retrieval and machine learning systems that analyse both structured and unstructured data to generate deeper scientific insights on athlete performance, recovery and welfare.

    Colm holds a PhD in Computer Science from University College Cork. He is a lecturer in the Department of Information Technology, NUI Galway, and has published over 130 peer-reviewed papers.

  • thumb-Colin Morrissey
    Colin Morrissey Partnerships & Communications

    Colin Morrissey is Orreco’s Partnerships and Communications Consultant. Colin leads our marketing, media and corporate division and manages our global network of contacts. Prior to joining Orreco, he was a founding partner of Horizon Sports Management, one of the world’s premier golf management companies, where he managed the business affairs of multiple Major winners and Ryder Cup players. Colin is a member of the board of the Children’s Medical Research Foundation USA and has helped to raise over $5m since 2012 for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, Ireland.

  • thumb-Bianca de Oliveira Pereira
    Bianca de Oliveira Pereira Knowledge Engineer

    Bianca De Oliveira Pereira is a Knowledge Engineer assigned to Orreco by the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. She researches innovative computational solutions for data analytics as part of our IBM Watson team and leads the applied research on Orreco’s data-driven advice platform. Bianca holds an MSc in Informatics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • thumb-Dr. Úna Newell
    Dr. Úna Newell Content Architect

    Dr Úna Newell is Orreco’s Content Architect. She is the domain expert for training Orreco’s IBM Watson cognitive systems and leads the content development for our applications and pro sport software solutions. Úna holds a PhD in History from University College Dublin, has several peer-reviewed publications, and is a subject expert on analytical research and semantic interpretation.

  • thumb-Grainne Conefrey
    Grainne Conefrey Service & Product Design Manager

    Grainne Conefrey is Orreco’s Service and Product Design Manager. She manages Orreco’s proprietary reporting platform, TrackOR, and is the point of contact for applications and support for our software solutions. Previously, she led Orreco’s Delivery Excellence team. Grainne holds a BSc in Sports and Exercise Management from University College Dublin and has worked directly with our pro teams and individual athletes for over four years. Before joining Orreco, she worked with Hill Holliday Marketing Agency in Boston.

  • thumb-Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson Product Design Engineer

    Anthony Jackson is a Product Design Engineer at Orreco. He manages the design and development of Orreco’s applications and data-driven software solutions for pro sport teams. Anthony holds a BSc in Computer Science from NUI Galway where he was awarded three consecutive university scholarships and won the Cisco Award for Best Final Year Project in 2016. He is a specialist in machine learning and cognitive computing.

  • thumb-Conor Maguire
    Conor Maguire Lead Software Engineer

    Conor Maguire is Orreco's Lead Software Engineer. He leads the design and development of our applications and data-driven software solutions for pro sport teams. Conor has over 20 years experience working as a software engineer and technology consultant in large IT multinational and Fortune 500 companies.

  • thumb-Niall Moore
    Niall Moore Creative Director

    Niall Moore is Orreco’s Creative Director. He leads the design of Orreco’s global identity and brand strategy across all our pro sport delivery platforms. Niall holds an MA from Goldsmith University, London, and is a specialist in Art and Design Theory. He has over ten years commercial experience working as a consultant in Creative Industries and has served as Technical Co-ordinator at White Cube Gallery, London.

  • thumb-Suzanne Rowland
    Suzanne Rowland Delivery Excellence Manager

    Suzanne Rowland is Orreco’s Delivery Excellence Manager. She leads the delivery of Orreco services to our individual athletes and pro teams across all sports. Suzanne coordinates all of the logistics associated with client testing, data management and service delivery. Previously, she led Orreco’s Administration and Operations team. Before joining Orreco, Suzanne worked in marketing management and has assisted with team trials and administration within the Nike Oregon Track Club Elite training camp for over 10 years.

  • thumb-Erika Lee Sperl
    Erika Lee Sperl Professional & Collegiate Accounts Manager

    Erika Lee Sperl is Orreco’s Professional and Collegiate Accounts Manager. Based in Los Angeles, Erika manages our Elite Team and individual athlete accounts, servicing clients with product, testing and evidence-based sports science support.

    She is the point of contact for new accounts. Erika has over nine years experience working in high performance sport and is a qualified phlebotomist and medical assistant. She holds a BSc in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota and is bilingual in English and Spanish.

  • thumb-Dr. Kathryn Ackerman
    Dr. Kathryn Ackerman Scientific Advisor, The female athlete

    Dr Kathryn Ackerman is Orreco’s Scientific Advisor on the Female Athlete. A Sports Medicine Physician and Endocrinologist, she is a recognized expert in sports endocrinology, particularly Female Athlete Triad and RED-S, hormones and performance and metabolic bone issues. She has published widely in these areas.

    Kate is Director of the Female Athlete Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, Assistant Director of the Sports Endocrine Research Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She is the team physician for USA Women’s Rowing and a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.

  • thumb-DR. KATE MORTON

    Dr Kate Morton is Orreco’s Scientific Advisor on Behavioural Science, Digital Health and our FitrWoman™ application. A chartered psychologist, Katie is a recognized expert in health psychology, digital health, intervention development and evaluation, user testing and quantitative research. She is a member of a global innovation consultancy in Cambridge, UK, where she applies behavioural insights to gain a deeper understanding of how people interact with new technology. Previously, she held research positions at the University of Cambridge and St Mary’s University Twickenham.

    Katie holds a PhD in Behavioural Medicine from the University of British Columbia, Canada, an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Loughborough University, UK, and has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers.

  • thumb-Professor Cathal Seoighe
    Professor Cathal Seoighe Scientific Advisor, Genomics

    Professor Cathal Seoighe is Orreco’s Scientific Advisor on Genomics. Stokes Professor of Bioinformatics in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics at NUI Galway, he is an acknowledged research leader in the development and application of computational methods to analyze gene expression, mRNA splicing and epigenetic data.

    Cathal holds a PhD in Molecular Evolution/Bioinformatics from Trinity College Dublin and has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers.

  • thumb-Dr. Christian Cook
    Dr. Christian Cook Scientific Advisor, Speed and Power Physiology

    Christian began his career in clinical research in the 1980s, involved in projects looking at heat loss management and muscle mass maintenance in burn patients. Since 1998, Christian has worked with top-level rugby teams including Waikato rugby, the Chiefs, and the Auckland Blues. In 2000, Christian began a five-year association with Americas Cup yachting primarily working on maximizing gains from gym training, but also on stress management and competitive psychological approaches.

    From 2003 to 2008 he worked with the New Zealand Rugby Union as a specialist consultant, including work with the All Blacks. In 2008 he took up a larger consultancy role to guide training sciences for UK Sport. He has also worked with NZ cricket, Australia Rugby league and Australian Rules football, a number of American sportspeople individually and for several NFL franchises.

    Christian’s favored areas of research are development of power and speed, recovery, maximizing training time gains, balance of power, and skill execution during competition including stress management.

  • thumb-Dr. Bruce Hamilton
    Dr. Bruce Hamilton Scientific Advisor, Sports Medicine

    Bruce completed the Australasian Fellowship in Sports Medicine in 2002, having spent several years working at the Australian Institute of sport in Canberra. Working full time in sports medicine since 1998, he was the chief medical officer for Athletics Australia, and also worked and travelled with the Australian Triathlon Team.

    Moving to the United Kingdom in 2003, he was UK Athletics Chief Medical Officer from 2004 – 2008. Since 2008, Bruce has worked as a Sports Physician in Aspetar, Qatar Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, and was appointed Chief of Sports Medicine in 2010. He has attended four athletics World Championships, two Commonwealth Games, two Triathlon World Championships, and two Olympic Games as a Team Physician.

    In addition to this, Bruce has completed post-graduate studies in Sports Law and Tropical Medicine. He is actively involved in, and regularly publishes clinical research, with particular interests in muscle and tendon injuries.

  • thumb-Robin Parisotto
    Robin Parisotto Scientific Advisor, Sports Haematology

    Robin is a former Australian Institute of Sport scientist, and was the principal researcher of the EPO 2000 Project. He developed the first ever blood tests to be used at the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000 to detect the blood booster erythropoietin (EPO). He was awarded the Australian Sports Medal for these efforts.

    In parallel to this research, Robin investigated a range of haematological parameters which led to the development of sports-specific blood profiles that could be used as peak performance indicators. Other blood parameters were identified which could detect sub-optimal health and/or physiology and, in many cases, the ability to predict (and resolve) under-performance in elite athletes.

    Robin is a member of the International Cycling Federation (UCI) expert panel for the Athlete Biological Passport program. He is currently the senior scientist in the haemopoietic stem cell transplant laboratory at Canberra Hospital.