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Knowing that blood data helps: Pascal Siakam, his agent and a team of scientists apply sports science in the NBA

Toronto Raptors star Pascal Siakam is on his way to the NBA All-Star Game this weekend. In The Athletic, Siakam’s agent Todd Ramasar talks in-depth about how and why the Orreco Team is a central part of his NBA athletes “pit crew” – accelerating their recovery, optimising their performance and prolonging their playing careers.

“Just knowing that (blood) data helps. I really started getting into it last summer, a little bit, taking different blood samples and understanding when you’re going to peak or why you’re fatigued or different things like that. It helps you with your supplements just so you can make sure you’re on point all season.”

Pascal Siakam on the impact of Orreco’s Bio-analytics services

Before the start of this season, Siakam signed a four-year $130 million maximum salary contract extension with the Raptors.

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