Here at Orreco we are all about optimizing performance in elite athletes with actionable data, and one day, we hope our insights will be available to the millions of so-called ‘weekend warriors’.

We know a lot about male athletes and plenty about women – but we need to know and understand a lot more.

Our data shows that more than half of female elite level athletes report that they feel their menstrual cycle affects their exercise training and performance1.

But a lack of research on the menstrual cycle means that we don’t really know why.

Rather than accepting that females don’t always feel they can perform to their best, we are driving research in this area and beginning to understand how the menstrual cycle may be having an impact2.

There is already a lot that women can do to work with their cycle instead of against it3. In this article published in Sports Medicine Australia’s Sport Health Journal, Orreco’s Georgie Bruinvels explains some of the issues that hinder research and what can be done about it to help female athletes everywhere.

Here is a link to the article on pages 28 to 31.