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Game Changer: Orreco’s groundbreaking work with Chelsea Women F.C.

Orreco Sports Scientist Dr Georgie Bruinvels with Chelsea’s Carly Telford and Manager Emma Hayes

In The Telegraph exclusive, Chelsea Women’s Emma Hayes and Carly Telford talk about Orreco’s Female Athlete Consultancy Programme and its impact on helping players to track their menstrual cycle, reduce injury risk and optimise performance.

“The important thing is to understand that each player can be helped at different phases of their cycle: it is not just a question of being caught at an unlucky time and having to deal with it. There are things you can do.”

Carly Telford, Chelsea Women F.C. and England Goalkeeper

How it works

The players download the FitrWoman app – developed by Orreco – and input information regarding their menstrual cycle and symptoms across the four phases. This information is fed back in real-time to the coaching staff via our monitoring and education platform FitrCoach. The staff can then tailor training and nutrition plans depending on what phase of the cycle the players are in and what symptoms are presenting. Our approach is individual to each player so they can optimise performance on any given day by taking the right steps in each phase of their cycle.

“These players are going to be the first generation of women who are well educated about their menstrual cycle and they will spread that knowledge as far as they possibly can and we hope that becomes a culture within every football club in the world, so everybody can cope better with their menstrual cycles.”

Chelsea Manager Emma Hayes on tailoring training to the menstrual cycle

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