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What We Do

Unparalleled science-driven solutions for optimizing athlete performance

Uniquely blending Data Science and Sports Science to generate customized indicators of injury, optimal training load and recovery strategies.

“Orreco allows us to provide our players with timely and customized interventions based on their own data and specific to each athlete's needs. Our players respond well to the individualization, and it enables them to play a significant role in their own recovery status.”

Casey Smith,

Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Mavericks

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Sports Science

Athletes’ biomarkers, found in blood, are analysed to identify indicators that are linked to injury, wellness, and overall ‘Readiness to Perform’.
GPS data is mapped against other connected inputs such as Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and injury statistics to deliver meaningful insights. Proprietary Deep Learning algorithms generate dashboard alerts that indicate over-reaching and potential injury risk.
Training load is mapped using a blend of data sources and sports science. Optimal load for game day performance can be modelled by adjusting the impact of training intensity and volume.
Sleep is monitored using validated tools. Personalized sleep strategies are generated to optimize an athlete’s sleep schedule around travel, increase sleep quality and accelerate recovery.
Personalized nutrition strategies are generated to maximize the health, training adaptation and performance of an athlete. Nutrition solutions are based on a combination of biomarkers, performance goals, and indicators such as workload, fatigue, injury status and illness frequency.
Personalized solutions to accelerate recovery are grounded in 16 years of research in working with thousands of elite athletes in multiple sports.
Orreco scientists are recognized leaders in research into the multiple causes of Overtraining Syndrome (or UUPS). Our interdisciplinary team specializes in developing customized programs to return chronically fatigued athletes back to peak performance.

Data Science

Data from multiple sources is connected and blended to deliver measurable results. Data can be structured or unstructured and includes biomarkers, GPS, training load, sleep, nutrition plans, athlete profiles and self-reported data.
Dynamic visualization techniques are used to display meaningful relationships across connected data sources, enabling clients to make sense of the data.
Computationally intensive statistical models are applied to identify patterns in the data sources that correspond to underperformance, enabling red flag alerts to be relayed to the performance team.
Athlete-specific predictive analytics, based on Orreco’s proprietary longitudinal database and other connected data, is used to identify indicators of over-reaching, injury risk, and overall ‘Readiness to Perform’.
Our partnership with IBM Watson expands our comprehensive range of Computational Intelligence techniques to generate deeper scientific insights and recommendations on player performance, recovery and welfare.
Deep Learning approaches are used to discover previously unknown trends and relationships in the data that generate novel insights on sports performance and recovery.
Game Theory techniques are applied to multiple data sources to augment our clients’ strategic-decision making on player performance, recovery and welfare.

How We Do It


We work with coaching, performance, and medical staff to make sense of your data. We apply advanced research-driven solutions in science and analytics to deliver actionable insights and strategies that help keep your players off the bench and ready to perform.

Our Team

Optimize performance, accelerate recovery, prolong careers

Inspired by a love of sport and a fascination with what drives performance in athletes, Orreco was founded in 2009 by Dr. Brian Moore and Dr. Andrew Hodgson. Their goal then and now is to use proven sports and data science to enable elite athletes to consistently perform at their very best.

“With Orreco’s assistance I have been able to obtain objective information about my readiness to train and, in my opinion, their support is a must for athletes competing at the highest level of their respective sports.”

Pádraig Harrington, Professional Golfer, European Tour and PGA Tour

Dr Brian Moore

Professor John Newell

Dr Charles Pedlar

Dr Nathan Lewis

A Team within your team

Orreco’s scientists bring an unrivalled level of expertise to the fields of sports and data science. Our multi-disciplinary team includes researchers and practitioners, giving us both academic and practical experience, and giving you the power and knowledge you need for a competitive edge.

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Our team includes 17 PhDs
Our team has 150+ years applied science experience combined
Experience in 16 sports
Worked with 2,000+ elite athletes
Including 35 Olympic medalists across 5 Olympic Games
Over 200+ peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals


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