ORRECO provide biomarker analysis for world leading athletes, federations and professional franchises. We are already the choice of Champions.

A bespoke solution to monitor your players, optimise training response and protect against excessive fatigue and overtraining. Our clients include multiple World and Olympic Champions, World Cup and Major Winners. Learn more about ORRECO… scroll down and watch our video.

Our Philosophy

  • World Class Performance

    An athlete who is healthy and well, is in the best position to respond to training and to achieve peak performance.

    Test results and numbers are informative, but of limited use without context. By providing rapid, reliable, sports specific feedback to key decision makers about an athletes readiness to train and perform, we can help make the best athletes in the world even better.



“I have been working with ORRECO as an individual coach and also as a national director of performance for three years. Performance sport is reliant on world class resources. With their expertise we have been able to support athletes at critical times of the year.” - Chris Jones (GBR), National Performance Director
Triathlon Ireland
“ORRECO provide an elaborate scientific evidence based biomarker service that takes guess work out of the performance equation and helps athletes perform to their optimal potential.” - Gerard Hartmann (IRL), Physical Therapist to 61 Olympic
Medalists and 47 World Champions
“One of the most difficult elements of competing at a world class level in professional golf is the balance between training hard to improve fitness levels whilst ensuring adequate recovery.” - Padraig Harrington (IRL), 3 Time major Winner

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